What does the term “Lease By The Bed” mean and how is this better for my child?

By The Bed means an individual lease for your son or daughter. Our residents can live in a shared apartment with roommates without the stress of renting an entire apartment. Individual leases allow us to split the rent making each resident responsible only for their portion of rent.

How does my child connect with roommates?

Every case is different. Sometimes one group has decided to find an apartment together, others are open to meeting new people they can become friends with. We can accommodate both situations. If your child is looking for roommates we offer a roommate matching service. We aim to match students with similar interests using our matching questionnaire. The goal is to blend similar lifestyles, hobbies and habits among residents.

What forms am I, the parent, required to complete?

If you are the person that will be the guarantee on the lease, then you will be required to fill out the Guarantor Application. This form will be subject to credit approval and proof of income for two consecutive months will need to be provided in order to process your application.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Payments are accepted in the form of: a personal check, money order or cashier’s check. Rent is due on the first day of each month. A late fee will be applied after the third day of each month along with a daily charge after that. Only certified funds will be accepted once rent is late.

When do I pay my child’s first installment?

The first rent installment is due at the time the lease is signed, in order to reserve your spot. Our standard, full lease term begins in September and ends September of the following year. The full lease term is divided into 12 equal rent installments. Payment is always due on the first day of every month, and considered late by the third day with additional fees applied. All installments can be paid using payment methods listed above.

What does monthly rent include?

The rent includes the rental amount for the bedroom and shared occupancy of the apartment common areas, access to the community amenities, cable channels, high-speed Internet and trash collection.

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What can we expect on move-in day?

Instructions for your child’s assigned Move-In Day will be emailed to them in advance. Please contact management at (310) 858-0660 x 105 if you have any questions.

Are your apartments fully furnished?

Each apartment is furnished from the bedrooms to the common areas. All you need to bring are your clothes, favorite technology and some home decorations.

What appliances come with leasing a home?

The following are included in each unit: Refrigerator/Freezer, dishwasher, range, washer & dryer

How does living in a student apartment community complement their college experience?

We offer the right balance of support and independence. Apartment living gives students real world situations and promotes responsibility. Residents are in complete control for paying bills, cleaning house, studying, cooking and planning their lives. It’s the right amount of responsibility and reality before their complete independence.

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